The Budget – Beer Duty

The Chancellor announced in his Budget that the average price of a pint of beer will rise by 5.4p to £3.17 and will cost the typical pub £2,800 over the next year.

The pub industry employs nearly one million people, with over 300,000 young people directly employed in pubs. Increasing beer tax will put some of these jobs at risk just when community pubs are trying to survive the recession. With the rising price of a pint of beer, more people are choosing to drink at home, rather than socialising in the pub.

The UK has the second highest beer duty rate in Europe with British customers paying 40 per cent of the EU beer tax bill, despite only drinking 13 per cent of its beer.

This news follows the decision by Government to ignore the Parliamentary vote to act against unscrupulous Pub Companies who do not allow landlords to develop their pubs. After at first signing up to the Labour Party’s pledge to take action if the Pub Companies didn’t reform and break up their stranglehold on the industry, the Government is now turning its back on the plight affecting many of our local pubs.


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