The Budget – Fuel Duty

The Chancellor has chosen to increase petrol prices by 3p in August, as planned. The increase in the cost of running a car makes no allowance for people living in rural areas like North East Derbyshire, or those with disabilities, for whom fuel is a necessity not a luxury. It is an additional blow when we need to get our economy moving again.

This news comes as the Prime Minister announces his plans to privatise Britain’s roads, allowing all new roads and those that are widened or where junctions are improved to charge toll fees. It is unclear whether the charge will apply to the whole upgraded road or just to an additional lane. Many road users are likely to be pushed onto smaller roads, increasing congestion around town and villages.

The Prime Minister needs to come clean about whether his plans mean that motorists will pay more to use these roads and pay more for petrol on congested local roads.


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