Amazing MP Pull Out All The Stops to help

Dear Editor (Commons View)

I want to say a very big thank you to the amazing Natascha Engel for hosting us at the Houses of Parliament in July at very short notice.
Our organisation locally based project Momentum Youth Development
( ran an international leadership course for young people ages 21-25 and we wanted to explore how the power structure and leadership works within the English political system.

Despite requesting help from London last October we had no luck so we approached Natascha for help.

Although Natascha was chairing a select committee meeting in the afternoon, Natascha not only gave up her morning but met our team of
30 people from 6 countries (including England and Wales) for a frank discussion and a full tour around the historic London building. It totally inspired all the young professionals who left with a very different impression about English politics.

In this day and age we are quick to knock our politicians but I met Natascha a few weeks prior to this at Netherthorpe School where she spent 2 hours with students who had developed a educational resource pack around cyber bullying, she was equally amazing at this event. The students felt valued and inspired there work had received so much praise.

If all our politicians were this supportive of the next generation of leaders this country would be a very different place. Natascha please accept our sincere thanks for being there for the people you serve. It was greatly appreciated and respected.

Kind regards – Paul Oxborough


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