Natascha Engel Endorsing Alan Charles

Alan Charles has my full confidence. He will be an excellent Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire.

Alan does not support the Tory Government’s 20% cuts to Police Budgets and has said so, loud and clear. Neither will he entertain the idea of private companies like G4S taking over Police Support Services. Alan will keep the police public and he’s been open and upfront about this too.

His priorities in office are ones that I fully support such as real help for the victims of crime and for people who have suffered domestic abuse.
I am delighted that Alan is also keen to ensure that the Derbyshire Police Force continues to be an excellent employer and a great place for a young person to build a lasting and satisfying career.

Above all, Alan has the courage to speak out with dignity and authority and he has all the skills required to be a respected leader on Police matters for the County. He has my vote and I hope he will have yours when the Election takes place on November 15th this year.


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