24 October 2012


North East Derbyshire MP Natascha Engel is at the forefront of the badger cull campaign.    Opposed to the cull herself Natascha is Chair of the Backbench Business Committee in Parliament that scheduled a debate on the badger cull following an e-petition that exceeded the 100,000 signature threshold.

With the news that the government were delaying the cull until the summer of 2013 Natascha Engel said:

The anti-badger cull campaign has gathered enormous drive and hundreds of my constituents have contacted me about this.   It is vital that we do not let the impetus of this campaign slip back and that is why it is important that this issue is kept at the forefront of the political agenda.

 Bovine TB is a terrible disease but a badger cull is not supported by the science.  In 1997 the Labour Government commissioned an independent scientific review chaired by Lord Krebs and the final report stated that culling was not an effective method of tackling bovine TB.  I have met with farmers and understand their frustrations and how they are affected by the devastating impacts of bovine TB, but I do not believe that a cull will help resolve the issue and so we need to move forward with the development of a vaccination programme.” 

To view the debate or read the Hansard transcript click here


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