Prime Minister’s Questions


Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday (17 October 2012) saw Natascha Engel, MP for North East Derbyshire question David Cameron on how he would vote in a referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the EU.

Natascha put the question to the Prime Minister following the Education Secretary’s recent statement that he would vote to leave the EU.  A view shared by a third of David Cameron’s Cabinet. (View here).

Replying to the question the Prime Minister was very evasive saying that he didn’t want to leave the EU but that he wasn’t happy with it either but confirmed that there would be no single question referendum.

Commenting Natascha Engel said:

“Why is the PM so keen to have an in/out referendum in Scotland but won’t allow UK citizens the same say over Europe. This doesn’t seem a very one-nation position to me.”
“In ruling out a single in or out question on any future referendum on Europe the Prime Minister has shown just how confused he is on this issue.    Perhaps if the Prime Minister is not able to make up his mind he should let the British people do it for him as they have not had a say on EU matters since the referendum in 1975 on our membership of the then Common Market.”  

Hansard Link to Prime Minister’s Questions 17 October 2012:   House of Commons Hansard Debates for 17 Oct 2012 (pt 0001)


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