Local MP Urges Votes at 16

Votes at 16 moved up the political agenda when the Backbench Business Committee, chaired by local MP Natascha Engel, debated the voting age in Parliament.

Natascha Engel is a strong supporter of Votes at 16 and advocated that the time had come to widen the franchise of eligibility to vote.

In her speech to Parliament Natascha said:

“Parliamentarians should not be afraid of young people at 16 being able to go along to a polling station to cast a vote but should embrace it.  Parliamentarians make decisions that affect the day to day lives of young people and yet they have no say on decisions made on their behalf.  Under the current system of voting at 18 there are many young people who because of when their birthday falls do not get the opportunity to vote in a General Election until they are 23 years old.  This cannot be the right thing for young people and neither can it be the right thing for our democracy.

To read the full transcript of the debate held on Thursday 24 January 2013 click here


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