Press Release: Natascha Engel MP concerned about HS2 proposed route

Commenting Natascha Engel said:

“HS2 is an exciting opportunity for investment and jobs, but we need to look at the details to ensure that local communities are as little affected as possible.”

” Like everyone else I have only just seen the details of the proposed route of HS2 and how it will affect North East Derbyshire.   I know that there will be many people within my constituency in areas such as Staveley, Barrow Hill, Mastin Moor, Renishaw and Killamarsh who will be very worried about the proposals.  HS2 is a massive project which will affect not just towns and villages in North East Derbyshire but also the Chesterfield Canal regeneration project. I will be holding consultations in the affected areas to ensure that I can take people’s concerns directly to government.”



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