Consultation on Exceptional Hardship compensation scheme extended

The Government has now extended the consultation period on the Exceptional Hardship Scheme to 20 May 2013. 

If you would like information on the consultation please get in touch on 01246 439018. 

Natascha will be making a submission to the consultation following the public meetings that have been held in her constituency in areas that will be affected by the proposed HS2 route announced by the Government on 28 January 2013.  Meetings have taken place in Renishaw, Killamarsh and Staveley.

Natascha is deeply concerned about the devastation this will cause to communities in the north of the constituency.   She is also worried that this is being done so quickly without giving anyone time to investigate what the impact assessments are, what the financial modelling was, nor what alternatives were explored.  That is before we even start on the compensation scheme.

On 28 February Natascha raised a question with the Secretary of State for Transport about alternatives to HS2.  See below Natascha’s question and the Minister’s response.

Natascha Engel (North East Derbyshire) (Lab): Was an upgrade of the current midland main line service considered as a cheaper, faster and far less destructive alternative to the building of a new London to Leeds HS2 route? If not, why not?

Mr McLoughlin: As I announced in my statement on the subject, HS2 is also about capacity. We are upgrading the line to which the hon. Lady referred, and I hope that its electrification during the period between 2014 and 2019 will benefit her constituents.

Natascha is currently receiving information and questions from constituents about HS2 and once all of the public meetings have taken place the information will collated and passed on to the Transport Minister.

Info about the route:


Exceptional Hardship Scheme Consultations:


Further info: http://www.hs2.org.uk/sites/default/files/inserts/P2EHS05%20Exceptional_Hardship_DL%20tagged%20for%20WEB%20vfinal.pdf

Hardship Scheme (Department for Transport): http://www.hs2.org.uk/sites/default/files/inserts/Consultation%20Document.pdf

How to get involved:




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