Natascha opposes military intervention in Syria

Natascha would like to thank all of those constituents who contacted her with their views about the possibility of UK military intervention in Syria.  Natascha voted against the Government Motion for military intervention and speaking after the debate on 29 August 2013 Natascha said,

” There are passionately and sincerely held views both for and against intervening in Syria.  I am of the view that intervention without first exhausting all other avenues and lead by the UN would be wrong.  I do understand though that when faced with the pictures of innocent civilians and children who have been gassed that people feel we can’t just stand by and do nothing.  My greatest concern though is that by intervening we make a terrible situation even worse.  I therefore voted against the Government’s motion.”

“Since becoming a Member of Parliament this has to be the most serious issue that I have faced and it is one that I gave a great deal of thought to.”

“The situation is still constantly changing and I will continue to follow the efforts of the international community who are working hard to achieve a diplomatic and political settlement to the ongoing crisis in Syria.”





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