End the 10% Commission

photo1This weekend I attended a rally with campaigners from Bramley Park. We were there to support a change to the law to stop Park Home Owners taking 10% commission on all park home sales.

Under the current rules, Park Home Owners can take 10% of the sale price of a person’s Park Home when they come to sell it, and there is nothing that home owners can do about it.

I have spoken to many home owners who are all united in their opposition to a policy that is unjust and unfair.

Alongside the Park Home Owners Justice Campaign I have been calling for a change to this law, and I am looking forward to the campaign rally in Westminster on 2 July.

You can see all campaign updates here, and if you have any questions or comments about this issue I would love to hear them, so please do get in touch.


One response to “End the 10% Commission

  1. Sue Mintram-Mason

    Thank you for ‘busking’ at the meeting on Wednesday in Westminster until Annette Brooke arrived. As a park home resident of over 30 years it was encouraging to finally have so many MPs’ taking an interest in the many and varied problems that residents’ face on a daily basis. You have no idea just how much suffering occurs on many of the sites, how helpless and hopeless so many people feel. Having spoken with many who attended I was shocked by some of the stories I heard and saddened that in 2014 vulnerable elderly citizens are still being exploited. Thank you so much for your support, it means a great deal.

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