Prostate Cancer Awareness

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At the Prostate Cancer UK event with Toby Perkins, MP for Chesterfield

Today in Parliament I attended an event to raise greater awareness about prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer UK are a charity that have identified some major inequalities that men with prostate cancer have to put up with. These include a lack of awareness about prostate cancer, great variation in the care and treatment that men get, and wide inequalities experienced by older men and black men.

Prostate Cancer UK are launching a new report – called Men United v Prostate Cancer: Five Inequalities, Five Solutions – which sets out their plan for tackling these inequalities.

The event was a great opportunity to learn more about the disease, and meet people who have lived with it, and I was happy to lend my support to their campaign and to try and raise as much awareness of the disease as possible.

Please visit their website here for more details.


One response to “Prostate Cancer Awareness

  1. Having had prostate cancer for many years, I am pleased you are taking an interest in the campaign.

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