Questioning the Prime Minister on GP Services

pmq(600 x 349)This week I questioned the Prime Minister directly about the serious lack of GPs in North East Derbyshire.

I have spoken to so many people in our community about the problems they have had with waiting times and I put the problem to the Prime Minister directly.

Labour have promised a maximum 48-hour wait to see a GP if elected, and I wanted to find out from the Prime Minister what he plans to do to tackle our GP crisis.

My Question: Three large GP practices in the most deprived areas of North East Derbyshire are facing crisis. In England we are at least 10,000 GPs short of what we need, so it is no surprise that people cannot get an appointment. Labour is promising a maximum 48-hour wait to see a GP. What is the Prime Minister promising?

I was disappointed to hear that the Prime Minister wasn’t able to match this commitment.

I will continue to work with local groups and in Parliament to pressure the Government to do far more to deliver the GP services that we deserve.

You can watch my question here

You can read about Labour’s GP promise here

You can read the transcript of Prime Minister’s Questions here


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