HS2 Action Alliance

546247_379552958754751_830719736_nToday I wrote a letter to the High Speed Rail Select Committee in support of the HS2 Action Alliance’s (HS2AA) right to petition them next week.

The HS2AA have gathered a petition from thousands of people directly affected by the proposed rail line, and have worked with numerous independent experts to gather data and analysis on issues like noise, carbon emissions, biodiversity, as well as the personal costs to communities and people’s lives.

However, HS2 Ltd, the company responsible for developing and promoting the rail line, have challenged the right of the HS2AA to appear before the Select Committee and present it’s evidence.

This would leave the Select Committee without valuable information, as well as depriving all those who have worked with the HS2AA from having a voice, which includes many in our area.

I believe this would be wrong, and I have urged the Committee not to uphold this challenge. This would allow all sides of the debate to be heard, so that the views of those directly affected can be better understood, and hopefully the Government can start to re-think it’s plans.

A decision is expected early next week, and I will be closely monitoring this issue in Parliament.

Read more about the work of the HS2AA here


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