Planning Decision Opposition

Opposing Planning Decisions

We all have the right to express our views about planning decisions, especially when they affect us directly.

Although all the different ways of opposing decisions change depending on the particular circumstances, there are still three general ways to oppose planning decisions.

These are:

  • By Letter
  • Online
  • By Email



Write to the department or individual responsible, making sure to mark your letter with the name of the project or the application code/case reference (this is usually made clear when any consultation is published on possible planning decisions).

Also, make sure to put your full name and address. Also, let them know if you are happy for your letter to be published.


You can visit the site here to see the list of all the current planning applications and then use the website to lodge your comments or protests.

Make sure to reference the application code.


Send emails to

With the application code in the subject line.

Make sure to add your full name and address and let them know if you want them to publish your letter.


And please remember, if you have any trouble with any of this, or need further help or advice, contact my office on 01246 439 018 or email me at


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