House of Commons debate on HS2

On June 11th, MPs in the House of Commons debated  HS2, in particular the proposed route through the East Midlands region.

The Secretary of State for Transport, Mr Patrick McLoughlin, was asked whether a final decision had been made regarding the route and station of phase two.

He replied:

“No decision on the phase 2 route and station locations has yet been made. The Government intend to announce a way forward on phase 2 later this year. I certainly appreciate the uncertainty for those people around the route that is being talked about, but it is absolutely essential that we get the best possible connectivity to serve the whole of the East Midlands. I think that we are all concerned to do that, but I certainly understand the concerns raised.”

At present, the route would destroy homes and businesses in our towns, and would cost an astronomical amount of money.

I hope that a route will soon be finalised, and will hopefully take into consideration the suggestions I have made regarding the passage through North East Derbyshire.


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