Superfast Broadband

On Tuesday June 30th, MPs in the House of Commons debated superfast broadband.

The Government promise of super-fast broadband by 2015 to ‘every home in Britain’ has not been delivered. This pledge was made when the Tories were in opposition in 2010. Yet, despite being in Government for the last 5 years, they haven’t delivered their promise.

Upon realising that every home in Britain would not be supplied with super-fast broadband by the end of the last government, the deadline has been extended  to 2017. This extension includes us in North East Derbyshire.

The Countryside Alliance have said of the delayed rollout:

“The project will be nearly 6 years late and it has only served to exacerbate BT’s dominance in the market.”

Super fast broadband is important to both individuals and businesses in our constituency, and we should already be benefiting from this in North East Derbyshire.

I hope that the Government’s new roll out plans are accurate, and that super fast broadband reaches North East Derbyshire in the near future.

The debate can be found in the House of Commons Hansard here.


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