School visits to Parliament

This year, Parliament has opened its first ever dedicated Education Centre in Victoria Tower Gardens. The Centre will welcome over 100,000 students per year, facilitating workshop rooms and state of the art technology.

If schools in North East Derbyshire wish to be among the first to visit, contact or ring 020 7219 4496 for autumn term availability.

Phone bookings for the spring term will take place from 8:30am on Thursday 24th September. Schools need to ring 020 7219 4496 on the day.

A transport subsidiary is available for eligible schools to support the costs of a visit to Parliament

There are also 8 scheduled panel discussions for post-16 year old students from about the UK, titled Parliament Matters. This format will give them an opportunity to consider and reflect on key issues facing their Parliament

This is an excellent opportunity for schools across North East Derbyshire to experience the working of Parliament, and to close the gap between the constituency and Westminster.


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