The Big Vote


It is always fantastic to hear about all the great work that Derbyshire Youth Council is doing.

They have been working hard on the manifesto points which were the Living Wage, e Safety, mental health and work experience.

Youth Councillors are elected for two years and it is now time for anyone who is interested to put their name forward.

The Big Vote is the election process that selects a member of each school in Derbyshire to become a member of Derbyshire Youth Council.

You don’t have to know anything about politics, be good at public speaking or be top of the class to put your name forward.
You just need care that things that affect young people and want to make a difference.

It is a great chance to gain confidence, experience and to represent your fellow students.

The deadline for nominations is 4 December. Then you will campaign for votes in your school until 19 February.
Voting will open on 29 February and the results will be announced on 10 March.

If you are interested in putting your name forward or want to find out more email


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