Thank you William Levick School!


A big thank you to y6 at William Levick School who sent me a lovely letter following my visit to them recently.

It was such a nice surprise to receive it in the post and I am glad that you found the visit interesting and informative.

Below is a summary of the visit that Francis from y6 sent to me recently:

On Friday 5th February, Natascha Engel (a member of the Labour Party and MP for North East Derbyshire) visited the Year 6 class. We had prepared lots of questions for her which she answered honestly and appropriately for our age. We knew very little about Natascha before she came to our school, however afterwards, we felt we knew her much better. She also taught us a great deal about her job and being a Member of Parliament. Below are some of the things we learnt about:

• Natascha Engel is one of the deputy speakers and gets to shout “Order! Order!” during debates

• She has seen David Cameron

• On Wednesdays David Cameron visits Westminster to answer questions from MPs around the country

• The EU Referendum is the main issue discussed in The Houses of Parliament

We discussed many current global issues such as: pollution, animal welfare, the Syrian refugee crisis, and terrorism.

Natascha also told us some personal details about being a mum to three boys all of a similar age to us. We discovered that she is just like everybody else especially when she laughed and joined in the fun in our classroom.

Natascha has said that she was impressed with the way we asked questions and listened to her answers, so much so that she would like to try to arrange for us to visit Westminster before we leave Year 6; we all hope that this can happen.

By Francis in Y6


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