Police Station closures

Police station2

Debbie Mathews, PCC Alan Charles and Natascha Engel MP


The local police service is dealing with a budget cut of £30m and is considering proposals to sell off some of its buildings in North East Derbyshire to make up for this short fall.

At a recent public meeting, Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Charles explained it was a choice between buildings and frontline police officers. He emphasised that there will still be a visible police presence in areas where stations are forced to close and that alternative accommodation will be sought.

Debbie Mathews, who is the Divisional Commander for Chesterfield and Amber Valley, said that the local police were looking at a number of proposals to save money without reducing the workforce. In fact, the money from selling off police buildings will be re-invested into putting more PCSOs on the streets.

I will continue to work closely with Alan Charles and the police service on this issue. I am also hoping to arrange more public meetings so that people have the chance to raise any concerns they may have.


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