EU Referendum Meetings

Over the last couple of weeks I have spoken to lots of people who are interested in the EU Referendum but don’t feel that they are being given enough information to make an informed decision.

Because of this I am working with churches across the constituency to hold a series of public meetings  so that people can ask any questions they may have.

These events will not be designed to persuade people one way or the other, but simply to give you a bit more information.

The first of these meetings will take place on Saturday 16 April from 1-3pm at St Giles Church Hall, Sheepcote Road, Killamarsh. This will be followed by a meeting from 4-6pm at St Paul’s Methodist, Green Lane, Dronfield, on the same day.

Then on Saturday 14 May there will be a meeting at St Barnabas Church, Pilsley Road, Danesmoor, Clay Cross, from 11am-1pm and another on 14 May at St John’s C of E Church, Queen Victoria Road, Tupton, from 2pm-4pm.



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