Peter Hawkins

Peter died, following a short illness at Chesterfield Royal Hospital on 26 May 2016 aged 74.

Pete was a lifelong Socialist and Trades Unionist who fought tirelessly for the residents of his village. Tupton.

Although he lost his beloved wife Pauline less than 3 years ago, Pete still continued representing the people of Tupton and North East Derbyshire as a Tupton Parish Councillor.

He had also served as a Labour councillor at North East Derbyshire District Council representing Tupton in the eighties.

He and Pauline were a formidable pair always out leafleting and door knocking for the Labour Party. They were two of the best foot soldiers the Party ever had. It didn’t matter where the election was, they would be there knocking whatever the weather.

He leaves a daughter, Lisa, and grandchildren Laurieanne and Brandon whom he thought the world of but Pauline’s death knocked the stuffing right out of him.

He started his working life as a miner at Glapwell pit but a serious motor accident put an end to that and he worked on building sites and did a bit of lorry driving before working at Chesterfield Cylinders – aka the Tube Works – until he retired.

Pete was an active trade union rep for the GMB, taking part in rallies and demos all over the country particularly during the Miners’ Strike.

He also gave his time helping the elderly and disabled filling in benefit forms and dealing with council complaints.

Pete and I knocked about with each other socially for donkeys years and he is going to be sorely missed. Particularly Saturday mornings when he’d visit with Dennis and we would put the world to rights over mugs of coffee and Rich Tea biscuits. Nowt fancy.

He’s going to leave a very big empty space.

Graham Skinner


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