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On 29 June, thousands of women from across the country marched on the Houses of Parliament to protest against unfair changes to women’s state pensions.

WASPI – Women Against State Pension Inequalities- wore sashes and waved banner to highlight the plight of women who were born in the 1950s and have suddenly found themselves having to work up to six years longer to claim their state pensions. There was even a 200-strong choir who sang the WASPI anthem on College Green as part of the rally.

I went out to meet the rally and it was great to see so many women turn out to campaign against this injustice. I hope that this will make the Government realise the strength of feeling around this issue and look again at the arrangements.



Prepay Rip Off


Pre pay rip off

I joined Dawn Butler MP at the launch of her campaign to clamp down on the cost of prepayment meters as a way of paying energy bills.

At the moment prepayment customers pay on average £226 more a year than the cheapest direct debit tariff.

In North East Derbyshire this affects 4,890 households and means that the poorest in our society end up paying the most for their energy.

You can sign the petition to end Prepay Rip Off here.

Fix Dementia Care

Natascha Engel MP.jpg

I attended the Alzheimer’s Society’s Parliamentary launch of their Fix Dementia Care campaign which is calling for improvements in hospital care for people living with dementia.

The campaign was launched after a 2015 poll showed that only 2% of carers felt that hospital staff understood the needs of people with dementia. The poll also found that those suffering from dementia spend nearly four times longer in hospital following a fall and that this could be very scary and confusing for them.

I was among nearly 100 MPs who signed a letter to Simon Stevens, the CEO of NHS England.

Techfuture Girls


The first TechFuture Girls Parliamentary Showcase took place in Westminster on 24 February. Students from across the country who have been taking part in computer coding and cyber clubs showed off the skills they have learnt.

It was great to meet Tilly Martin, Jessica Poole and Katherine Morris who are in y7 at Dronfield Henry Fanshaw School. They were all very inspiring girls and it is obvious they have a bright future ahead of them.

My Government Question Regarding Flooding

Back in February 2015, I challenged the Government on whether they intend to deliver the sustainbable drainage systems that were promised in the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.

My question came from an increasing number of constituents who were raising the issue of flooding with me.

Many people are finding themselves knee deep in sewage every time it rains, because the drains cannot cope with the extra capacity.

That is a direct result of the sustainable drainage systems part of the 2010 Act still not having been implemented.

Although there are a lot of new developments taking place, the existing drainage systems haven’t been upgraded and are not able to cope with the increased water flow.

This has to change, which is why I challenged the Government on their proposals. I will keep pressing the Government to implement the improvements they promised us five years ago.

Superfast Broadband

On Tuesday June 30th, MPs in the House of Commons debated superfast broadband.

The Government promise of super-fast broadband by 2015 to ‘every home in Britain’ has not been delivered. This pledge was made when the Tories were in opposition in 2010. Yet, despite being in Government for the last 5 years, they haven’t delivered their promise.

Upon realising that every home in Britain would not be supplied with super-fast broadband by the end of the last government, the deadline has been extended  to 2017. This extension includes us in North East Derbyshire.

The Countryside Alliance have said of the delayed rollout:

“The project will be nearly 6 years late and it has only served to exacerbate BT’s dominance in the market.”

Super fast broadband is important to both individuals and businesses in our constituency, and we should already be benefiting from this in North East Derbyshire.

I hope that the Government’s new roll out plans are accurate, and that super fast broadband reaches North East Derbyshire in the near future.

The debate can be found in the House of Commons Hansard here.

Parliament Week Film

Last month I was interviewed by 11 year old Olivia about how young people can engage with the democratic process, in particular through film.

The final video shows young people putting their questions straight to MPs and Peers about this subject, and you can watch it here:

You can also visit the Into Film website here for more details about their projects.